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Crime & Disaster

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This was the fourth school fire in Portland in 1921 and was of unknown origin. It started in the library, which did not have a fireplace or stove, and the watchman was absent. After the fire, students were moved to the Annex building and church locations while a new school building was constructed.


In March of 1936, New England experienced extreme rainfall, resulting in one of the worst floods on record for the region. The Saco River was particularly effected.

Man rowing during a flood, 1936
Man rowing during a flood, 1936Item Contributed by
Maine Historical Society/MaineToday Media

Gannett Newspapers issued a special edition pictorial review of the disaster featuring images from their own photographers, as well as those of the Kennebec Journal. Aerial photography enhanced the public’s ability to witness the devastation caused by this iconic flood.